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Fixed Installation Type -
Beacon 110, Beacon 200, Beacon 410, and Beacon 800
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Diffusion detectors rely on the natural flow of air to bring the sample to the detection head. These are an excellent choice for gas cabinets or other forced flow environments where the detector is situated in a constant air flow from the potential gas release to the detector. All diffusion type detectors used with the Beacon Series have transmitters.
Sample draw detectors have an integral pump, which draws the surrounding air to the detector. The are a preferred choice when used in larger areas where there is no specific point at which one can expect a gas leak. All sample draw detectors used with the Beacon Series have transmitters.
Most sensors require a transmitter to amplify the sensor signal, and to convert the gas sensor signals into a standardized output, such as 4-20 mA, for transmitting the signal to a controller. The transmitter is usually in close proximity to the sensor, and zero and span adjustments must be done at the transmitter. Note that some sensors and controllers do not require the use of a transmitter for LEL or Oxygen detection (Beacon 100 & Beacon 200), and also one is not needed for short distance wiring of H2S or CO sensors for the Beacon 100 & 200. All transmitters used with the Beacon Series are operated from 24 VDC, and utilize either 2 or 3 wires. In general, even if a sensor can be used with out a transmitter, the use of a transmitter is often preferred for distances over 300' to 500' to simplify calibration.
When ordering a Beacon system please specify the
following components:
1. Controller part number
2. Detector assemblies required
(select from list on page 95)

Model Description

72-2110 RK Beacon 100 single point controller
72-2102 RK Beacon 200 two point controller
72-2104RK Beacon 410 four point controller
72-2108 RK Beacon 800 eight point controller

Gas Detection Systems Fixed Installation Type Beacon 110 Beacon 200, Beacon 410 Beacon 800
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