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Welding Purge Monitor
Model PE-100


The PE-100 is an advanced instrument to detect the level of oxygen in purging gas to indicate when the oxygen content is at a satisfactory level to weld. The exact oxygen level is provided, thus preventing the excessive use of purge gas to ensure that the weld will be oxidation free. The monitor provides a continuous oxygen level readout during welding to detect unforeseen purge problems that can cause low quality welds.

The monitor may also be used to check confined spaces for safe oxygen levels before personnel enter the area and while they are working.

PE-100 has an innovative push button auto-calibration feature that allows the user to calibrate at atmospheric oxygen levels and again at the lowest oxygen reading for increased accuracy.


  • Oxygen Detection range 0.01 to 20.94%
  • Push button self-calibration
  • Low battery indicator
  • Low sensor indicator
  • Large digit readout
  • Optional Tripod mount
  • Quick connect/disconnect fittings for gas purge tubing


Detection range: 0.01 to 20.94% oxygen
Accuracy: At 20.0% = +0.2%
At 2% = +0.02%
Approx. Dimensions: 7.8" high x 3.7" wide x 2.5" deep
Power: 2 AA batteries
Weight: 7.4 ounces

How To Order

PE-100 welding purge monitor in rugged carrying case includes: SS probe for sampling, two meter sampling hose, sampling bulb, carrying strap for neck or wrist, 2 AA batteries, and user instruction book.

Optional Accessories

  • P/N PE-100-CT camera tripod
  • P/N PE-100-GT gorilla tripod
  • P/N PE-100-S replacement sensor
  • P/N PE-100-SRT sensor removal tool
  • P/N PE-100-RPH rubber protective housing