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Kitagawa Gas Detection System


The Kitagawa Gas Pump and detector tube system is a simple, inexpensive, on the spot means of gas sampling and analysis. With a minimum of training, nontechnical employees can perform day to day industrial hygiene screenings, perform QC analysis for process control, and many other analyses. There are over 300 detector tubes covering a long list of gases and concentrations.

The Kitagawa system has been developed to be a reliable method of on the spot gas analysis. It has been constantly improved to ensure accuracy and simplicity of use. An accurate analysis can be obtained in a few minutes.

With a single stroke of the Kitagawa pump fitted with a selected detector tube an accurate analytical result can be read directly from the detector tube scale without the use of any other instrumentation.


  • A complete sampling and analysis system for determining the concentration of gases and vapors on the spot.
  • Only two components required – sampling pump and detector tube.
  • No calibration required.
  • No batteries required.
  • Low cost per analysis.
  • May be used in hazardous classification areas.
  • Over 300 detector tubes available.
  • Manufactured with ultra-high purity reagents.
  • Scale on each tube provides a direct reading of the concentration.
  • Detector tubes have a thin plastic coating to prevent shattering and dispersement of reagents in the event of breakage.
  • Most analyses require only one pump stroke.
Kitagawa Gas Detection System Kitagawa Gas Detection System
One Hand Operation Switch
Kitagawa Gas Detection System
AP-20 Air Sampling Pump Kit
Kitagawa Gas Detection System
B-191 Tube Tip Cutter
Kitagawa Gas Detection System
AS-1 Air Flow Indicator determines the velocity and direction of air flow.

Equipment and Tubes are shown on pages 108-111