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Lecture Bottle Equipment

Lecture Bottle Holders

Lecture bottles have rounded ends and require some means of support when in use. We provide two types of holders here that meet most requirements.

Non-Tip Stand - Model 475

This stand offers a convenient method of securing a lecture bottle on a table or lab bench. The stand is made of light weight brushed aluminum and, yet the large diameter base provides stability even when a regulator is installed on the bottle.

Wall Mount Lecture Bottle Bracket
Model 480

This bracket is made of anodized aluminum and has spring clips that provide firm, secure support to the lecture bottle. The bracket is ideal for securing lecture bottles to lab cart or bench set-ups, in carrying cases for portable systems, or in storage cabinets.

Lecture Bottle Control Valves

These valves are specifically designed for attachment to lecture bottles to dispense their contents. They do not control pressure and should only be used when the operator is in attendance.

Lecture Bottle Control Valves

Materials of Construction

Body brass brass 316 stainless steel
Stem 303 stainless steel 303 stainless steel 316 stainless steel
Packing Teflon® Teflon® Teflon®
Tubing hose barb brass 316 stainless steel

How To Order

ModelInlet ConnectionOutlet Connection
3990-CGA Specify CGA 170 or 180 1/4" O.D. hose barb
3991-CGA Specify CGA 170 or 180 1/4" compression fitting w/10" long brass tubing
3992-180 CGA 180 1/4" compression fitting w/10" long SS tubing