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Gas Controls for Disposable Cylinders
Series 3960 - Fixed Flow Regulator for Non-Corrosive Gases


These compact regulators are designed to provide a constant fixed flow rate of non-corrosive gases and mixtures from disposable cylinders fitted with a C-10 connection. If required they can also be provided with a standard CGA connection for other types of cylinders.


  • Built-in on/off valve.
  • Integral inlet and outlet connections provide convenient compact size.
  • Outlet orifice and preset delivery pressure provide specific flow rate when on/off valve is opened.
  • Pressure gauge monitors cylinder pressure.
  • 40 micron inlet filter.


Inlet Pressure:
1000 psig max. with C10
3000 psig max. with CGA connection
Operating Temp. Range: 0° to +160°F
Inlet Connection: C-10 (5/8" - 18UNF)
Outlet Connection: 3/16" hose barb
Cylinder Pressure Gauge:
1200 psig with C10
0-3000 psig with CGA connection

Materials of Construction

  • Body: nickel-plated brass
  • Piston: brass
  • Seal: Teflon®
  • Seals: Viton®
  • Gauge: stainless steel case, brass connection

How To Order

Model No.*Pre-Set Flow Rate
3960-02 0.25 liters/min
3960-05 0.50 liters/min
3960-10 1.0 liters/min
3960-15 1.5 liters/min
3960-20 2.0 liters/min
3960-25 2.5 liters/min
3960-50 5.0 liters/min
3960-60 6.0 liters/min

*If standard CGA connection is desired add CGA connection number to the model number, i.e. 3960-15-180.