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Point Of Use Panels
Multiple Source Panels
Series 223


Point of use panels provide a convenient organized method to deliver gas to your laboratory instruments or systems whether from a single source or multiple sources while providing individual pressure control for each application.


  • High purity brass or stainless steel line regulators.
  • Individual inlets and outlets for each regulator.
  • Horizontal or vertical configuration.
  • HDPE panel.
  • Inlet and outlet connections 1/4”stainless steel compression fittings.

How To Order

M = 1 for brass
    4 for stainless steel
X = H for horizontal configuration
    V for vertical configuration
Y = number of regulators
C = center inlet
PPP = delivery pressure of each regulator on the panel.
Show the range code for each regulator in order from top to bottom or left to right.
25 for 0-25 psig
50 for 0-50 psig
100 for 0-100 psig
150 for 0-150 psig


2231-H-25-25-50-100 describes a brass four-regulator panel in the horizontal orientation with the first regulator on the left having a 0-25 psig delivery pressure range followed in order by three others: 0-25 psig, 0-50 psig, and 0-100 psig.

four-regulator horizontal panel configuration
four-regulator horizontal panel configuration
single regulator panel
single regulator panel
three-regulator vertical panel configuration
three-regulator vertical panel configuration