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Protocol Stations
Series 917 CONTINUED


The 917 protocol station is designed to provide a convenient way to mount virtually any pressure regulator that has a CGA connection or 1/4" NPT female inlet. The wall mounting of a regulator makes changing cylinders safer and hassle-free, while protecting the regulator from damage during the changing process because the operator handles only the flexible pigtail.

The 917 series is available in brass or 316 stainless steel in both single cylinder and double cylinder configurations. Pressure regulators are connected to the system with regular CGA cylinder connections rather than be rigidly mounted; this mounting system provides the virtual universality of the 917 and makes changing a

regulator easy should it need to be replaced for any reason. A pressure switch alarm option is available to alert users that the cylinder in use is approaching empty. When check valves are selected they are integral with the CGA connection to the cylinder. All models are rated for 3000 psig operating pressure.

The 917H protocol station is designed for use with helium and hydrogen and mixtures containing them. This model maintains the economy of the brass unit, but replaces the Teflon-lined pigtail with an all stainless steel pigtail to eliminate the diffusion of these small molecule gases trough the Teflon lining.

Materials of Construction

Bracket: stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Manifold block: brass brass stainless steel
Flexible Hose: Teflon-lined w/SS braid All stainless steel All stainless steel
CGA connections: brass brass stainless steel
Check valves: brass with buna-N seals brass with buna-N seals SS with Viton seals
Valves: brass diaphragm type brass diaphragm type SS diaphragm type
Protocol Stations Series 917
Regulator is not included and should be ordered separately. Pressure switch is optional.