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Excess Flow Valves
Series EFV


The EFV Series are gas valves are designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas when flow exceeds a preset level. They are used to protect systems and/or people in the event of a line failure downstream of the valve. The Series consists of three valves that are remarkably flexible to meet a broad range of applications. All valves are set at the factory to customer specifications. Each valve has a built-in slide switch or knob to quickly rest the valve once the system leak has been repaired.

Compact EFV-C Range 30-200 psig
Compact EFV-C Range
30-200 psig
High Pressure EFV-HP Range 100-3000 psig
High Pressure EFV-HP
Range 100-3000 psig

Materials Of Construction

Wetted Parts*=XSeals = YTrip Point = Z
A = 360 Brass V = Viton® Specify flow rate
B = 303 SS N = neoprene and operating flow pressure
*Internal parts are 303 SS in all units E = EPDM  

How To Order

Model (choose X, Y, and Z from table above)
High Sensitivity EFV-HS Range 5-200 psig
High Sensitiity EFV-HS
Range 5-200 psig

Cylinder Cleanroom Covers
Series CYL-C


These reusable cylinder covers are suitable for use in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food processing, and laboratory areas where cleanliness is a must. The covers are fabricated from non-woven Tyvek® and polypropylene combination with a high-grade Velcro seal. Fabrication is done in a clean room environment. The upper area is large enough to accommodate a pressure regulator or other gas control device.

How To Order

CYL-C-9.55 Clean Room cylinder cover for T, K, A, H type cylinders*
*Other sizes are available please provide cylinder dimensions.