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Flowmeter - Series 7965

The Series 7965 flowmeters use 65mm flow tubes with a single float. They are calibrated to read directly in SCCM, SLPM or SCFH of air. Correction factors are available for a number of common gases. The Series 7965 flowmeters are available in chrome plated brass or stainless steel.


  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 200 psig
  • Temperature Range: -20° to +250°F
  • Valve: Standard or high accuracy needle valve
  • Dimensions: 1 1/4"W x 5 1/2"H x 2 3/4"D
  • Accuracy: ±5% full scale
  • Repeatability: ±0.25% of scale reading
  • Inlet and Outlet: 1/4" NPT female standard

Frame With Valve

7965B* Chrome plated brass with standard valve
7965BHA* Chrome plated brass with high accuracy valve
7965S* 316 Stainless Steel with standard valve
7965SHA* 316 Stainless Steel with high accuracy valve
* Select flow tube from table on right.

How To Order

Model - X - Y
X=tube required
Y=optional fittings
Example: 7965-J03G-T4FF
Options: P/N Suffix:
  • 1/4" hose barbs inlet and outlet - add suffix "4HB"
  • 1/4" compression tube fittings inlet and outlet
  • 1/8" compression tube fittings inlet and outlet
  • 4HB
  • T4FF
  • T2FF
Bench stand - Model 7920B
Flowmeter Series 7965

65MM Tube Cube Selection

Tube NumberFloat MaterialFlow Range*
J07G glass 0.7-7 sscm
J15G SS 5-50 sccm
J15S SS 7-75 sccm
J15ST glass 10-100 sccm
J13ST SS 13-130 sccm
J03C carboloy 25-250 sccm
J10ST carboloy 50-500 sccm
J01G glass 100-1000 sccm
J04G glass 0.1-1 slpm
J75T SS 0.2-2 slpm
J03G glass 0.5-5 slpm
J02ST SS 1-10 slpm
J11ST SS 1-16 slpm
J01ST SS 2-25 slpm
J03ST SS 4-40 slpm
J05G glass 0.2-2.2 SCFH
J18G glass 0.5-6 SCFH
J019ST SS 1-10 SCFH
J61ST SS 2-18 SCFH
J18ST SS 3-25 SCFH
J102ST SS 5-50 SCFH
J14G SS 10-90 SCFH
J02C corboloy 10-150 SCFH
* Other ranges available.
† All calibrations are for air @ 0 psig outlet and 70°F.