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Economic Machined Acrylic Flowmeter - Series 7923

The Series 7923 acrylic flowmeters are an ideal low cost tool for measuring flow rates of inert and non-reactive gases. The 1/8” female standard inlet and outlet connections are contained in brass inserts to ensure a leak-free connection to prevent cracking of the acrylic body. A needle valve to control the flow rate is included. Flowmeters have a dual scale for air in SLPM and SCFH.


  • Maximum inlet pressure: 100 psig
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°F
  • Accuracy: ±5% full scale
  • Inlet and Outlet: 1/8" NPT female standard on 3" centers
  • Seals: buna-N
ModelFlow Range SLPM(Air)* SCFHFloat
7923-1V01 0-1.4 0-2.8 glass
7923-1V02 0-2.5 0-5.5 SS
7923-1V03 0-3.5 0-7.0 carboloy
7923-1V08 0-8.5 0-18.0 glass
7923-1V16 0-16.0 0-32.5 SS
7923-1V22 0-22.0 0-45.0 carboloy
7923-1V50 0-50.0 0-100.0 SS

* All calibrations are for air @ 0 psig outlet and 70° F.

  • 1/4" hose barbs inlet and outlet - add suffix "4HB."
  • 1/4" compression tube fittings inlet and outlet - add suffix "T4FF."
  • 1/8" compression fitting inlet and outlet - add suffix "T2FF."