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Gas Purifiers - Model 8000A (high capacity units)


The model 8000A replaceable cartridge gas purifier is similar to the Model 8010 but is designed for higher capacities and a lower working pressure. The Model 8000A is constructed of a machined aluminum shell that accepts a large capacity cartridge. This shell may be permanently mounted when installed in the gas line and can be serviced without disturbing the line connections. Spring pressure holds the replaceable cartridge tightly against the bottom gasket to prevent the gas to be purified from bypassing the cartridge. The side inlet is located at the bottom of the unit oriented 90° from the outlet located at the top of the unit.

The model 8000A purifier shell must be used in conjunction with specially designed replaceable cartridges (Model 8000-1, 8000-2, or 8000-3 )filled with various adsorbents. These are described below. These cartridges are shipped in hermetically sealed cans with convenient pull-tab ends for easy opening. This improved packaging ensures full retention of capacity in storage until the time of use.

Materials of Construction

Shell body: anodized aluminum
Gaskets: buna-N
Cartridges: 8000-1 Molecular Sieves 13x
8000-2 Molecular Sieve 4A
8000-3 Activated Charcoal
8010-5 Molecular Sieve 3A
8010-6 Molecular Sieve 5A


  • Max. Operating Pressure: 1500 psig
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to +200°F.
  • Inlet and Outlet Ports: 1/4" NPT female
  • Dimensions: 4 1/2" dia. x 15 9/16" long
  • Weight with Cartridge: 12.4 lbs.
  • Dew Point Achievable: -100°F.

How To Order

ModelDescriptionAbsorption CapacityGeneral Application
8000A Purifier Shell Only    
8000-1 Molecular Sieve 13x 126 grams water Removal of oil and water from inert gases and saturated hydrocarbons
8000-2 Molecular Sieve 4A 134 grams water Removal of water
8000-3 Activated Charcoal (Warning: Do not use with oxygen concentrations in excess of 21%)   Removal of heavy hydrocarbons acetone level control in acetylene used for atomic absorption
8000-5 Molecular Sieve 3A   Removal of water from unsaturated hydrocarbons such as acetylene
8000-6 Molecular Sieve 5A