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Hydrocarbon Traps
Series 8200


These units are designed to remove organics, such as alcohols, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, hydrocarbons, and ketones from air, hydrogen, and inert carrier gases used in gas chromatography. They are constructed of aluminum and filled with extremely high surface area coconut shell based activated carbon.

The 8200 is a refillable purifier. Since impregnated carbons do not readily desorb all compounds, we recommend that the units be changed or refilled on a regular schedule using our 8200R refill kit that provides enough material for two charges of an 8200 or the 8250R which provides one charge of an 8250.


  • Removes organics from air, hydrogen, and inert carrier gases.
    Does not remove light hydrocarbons like methane.
  • Highly active coconut shell based carbon efficiently removes many types of hydrocarbon compounds.
  • All metal housing.
  • Refillable 200 cc or 1600 cc capacity.
  • 40 micron filters on the inlet and outlet.
  • Mounting clip available for convenient installation.
  • Working pressure: 250 psig.
  • Dimensions:
    8200 1.5" O.D. x 12.5" long
    8250 2 3/8" O.D. x 17" overall length

How To Order

8200-2* 1/8" tubing compression fittings
8200-4* 1/4" tubing compression fittings
8250-8* 1/2" tubing compression fittings
8250R Refill kit - contains 3 charges
8200R Refill kit - contains 2 charges
8012C Mounting clip
8050C Mounting clip for 8250

*Available with stainless steel compression fittings -add "SS" to part number.

Hydrocarbon Traps Series 8200
Mounting Clip
Hydrocarbon Traps Series 8200

Gas traps should be mounted in a vertical position to ensure proper contact of the gas with the adsorbent. Use model 8012C mounting clip with 8200 Series hydrocarbon trap.