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Filter Applications

Gas Chromatograhy

Particulates in an instrument carrier gas stream can reduce the overall performance of laboratory analytical work. Removing particles can reduce background noise levels and enhance instrument accuracy and precision.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The capability of these filters to remove bacteria and other particulate matter enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to install a filter in gas lines to those systems requiring process, purge, or blanket gases, thus ensuring a virtually sterile gas atmosphere.

Pneumatic Operated Devices

Because of the small orifices normally associated with these devices, they often malfunction and require frequent servicing. Installation of a particulate filter in the air or nitrogen feed lines helps to ensure longer trouble free operation, thus reducing down-time.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

With increasing levels of device density the effect of particulate contamination becomes more damaging to potential yields. Semiconductor manufacturers install these filters in virtually all their gas lines to reduce the effects of particulates and improve their production yields.

Teflon® Membrane Gas Line Filter 0.003 Microns
Series 5010

The Teflon® medium in this filter efficiently traps particles down to 0.003 microns. These units may be installed in gas lines supplied by cylinders or bulk sources. Both the materials and manner of construction render the Series 5010 units compatible with a wide variety of gases.


  • 99.9999999% efficient at 0.003 micron level.
  • Filter medium - porous PTFE Teflon® membrane.
  • All welded 316L stainless steel construction.
  • Internal finish - less than 10 Ra.
  • 0.5 sq. ft. filter area provides high particle retention capacity.
  • Excellent compatibility with a wide variety of gases.
  • Helium leak tested to 1 x 10-9 cc/sec.


  • Filtration: 99.9999999% @ 0.003 microns
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 250 psig @ 250°F.
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 250°F.
  • Max. Flow: 200 slpm @ 5 psi ΔP with 30 psig inlet

How To Order

    Connection Size Dimensions
Type of End Connection Model Number Inlet** Oulet** Length Inch Diameter Inch
Standard Pipe 5010-P4FF 1/4" NPT female 1/4" NPT female 3.58 2.0
Tubing Compression 5010-T4FF
1/4" tubing compression
1/2" tubing compression
1/4" tubing compression
1/2" tubing compression
VCR® Compatible Face Seal 5010-V4MM 1/4" face seal male 1/4" face seal male 3.73 2.0

**Other end fitting configurations available on request.