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In-Line Filter
Series 7500

In-line filter Series 7500
In-line Filter - Series 7500


  • Compact in-line design with large filtration area.
  • Sintered 316 stainless steel element.
  • Choice of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, or 100 micron filter element.


Operating Pressure: Brass: 3000 psig
316 SS: 6000 psig*

Materials of Construction

Model Body Seals Filter Element
7510 brass Buna-N 316 stainless steel
7520 316 SS Viton 316 stainless steel

How To Order

ModelInlet and Outlet Connections
7510-X-P4MM 1/4" NPT male x 1/4" NPT male
7510-X-P4FF 1/4" NPT female x 1/4" NPT female
7510-X-T4FF 1/4" compression x 1/4" compression
7510-X-P8MM 1/2" NPT male x 1/2" NPT male
7510-X-P8FF 1/2" NPT female x 1/2" NPT female
7520-X-P4MM 1/4" NPT male x 1/4" NPT male
7520-X-P4FF 1/4" NPT female x 1/4" NPT female
7520-X-T4FF 1/4" compression x 1/4" compression
7520-X-P8MM** 1/2" NPT male x 1/2" NPT male
7520-X-P8FF 1/2" NPT female x 1/2" NPT female
Other end fitting configurations are available.

X - Specify filter element 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 or 100 microns.
* 2 micron filter operating pressure is 3000 psig.
** 2 micron filter not available in 1/2" units.

Gas Heaters
Model 6284

Gas Heaters Series 6284


The series 6284 gas heaters when installed between the cylinder and the regulator are designed to reduce the problem of regulator icing that is associated with high flow withdrawal rates of some gases due to their expansion from high pressure to low pressure.

This thermostatically controlled heater will not overheat the gas and can be left unattended without any gas flow. A pilot light indicates when the thermostat is closed and the heating element is operative.


Material: Steel case with black oxide finish covering a solid brass body
Max. flow: 90 cubic feet/hour
Voltage: 115 volt single phase 60 hz, 200 watts provided through a 5-foot grounded cord with molded plug.
Heating Range: Thermostat between 160° - 190° F.
Outer case temperature 85° F.
Dimensions: 6-5/8" overall length, 2-1/2" diameter.
Weight: 2 pounds

How TO Order

6284-320 Carbon Dioxide
6284-326 Nitrous Oxide
6284-580 Argon