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Cylinder Scale For Liquefied Gases
Model 900


  • Heavy duty 16 gauge.
  • Stainless steel cover.
  • Dual dial scale - pounds and kilograms.
  • Color-coded easy to read dial.


The pressure of a liquefied gas remains constant as material is withdrawn as long as a liquid phase remains in the cylinder. When the liquid phase is exhausted the pressure drops very quickly and empties without warning. This phenomenon renders a cylinder pressure gauge virtually useless. The only way to monitor the contents of a cylinder containing a liquefied gas is by weight.

The Model 900 cylinder scale is designed to give a positive indication of the amount of product remaining in the cylinder. It allows the user to subtract the tare weight of the cylinder so that the net contents can be read directly. A color coded dial reads in pounds and kilograms. A non-skid ramp is available to make loading cylinders convenient and easy.

The scale is ruggedly constructed and features a stainless steel cover for durability.


Recommended for use with all liquefied gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous oxide, fluorocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, propane and heavier hydrocarbon gases.


  • Tare weight range: 150 lbs. (0-68 kg.)
  • Product weight range: 0-150 lbs. (0-68 kg.)
  • Total capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg.) in 10 lb. (5 kg.) divisions.
  • Readability: 1 lb. (0.5 kg.) by estimation
  • Dimensions: 10 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 1 3/4" high

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900 Scale with non-skid ramp
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Cylinder Scale for Liquefied Gases 900-6 Scale Ramp
900-6 Scale Ramp