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C02 Trap
Series 6400


The 6400 Series carbon dioxide trap is designed to remove CO2 gas from air, argon, helium, hydrogen, or nitrogen. The trap body is constructed of borosilicate glass with nickel plated end fittings with stainless steel sintered frits.* The absorption media is a formulation of sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide with an high absorptive capacity and indicating properties. Typically, this material will absorb 15-20% of its weight in carbon dioxide before the material is saturated and needs to be replaced. Replacement is indicated when the normally white color of the material turns violet. If moisture is detrimental to your system, a moisture trap should be installed down stream from this unit to adsorb water evolved from the absorption of the carbon dioxide (see page 69.)

* Units with stainless steel fittings are also available. Add "SS" to part number.


  • Removes carbon dioxide to less than 0.5 ppm.
  • Inlet and outlet fitted with 40 micron stainless steel frits.
  • Reaction with carbon dioxide indicted by color change from white to violet.
  • Inlet and outlet connections are 1/4” or 1/8” stainless steel compression fittings.
  • Operating pressure: 125 psig max.
  • CO2 removing capacity:
    6410 45 grams C02
    6425 90 grams C02
  • Dimensions:
    6410 1.5" O.D. x 12.5" long
    6425 1.75" O.D. x 126.5" long
8012C Mounting Clip
8012C Mounting Clip
8040C Mounting Clip
8040C Mounting Clip

How To Order

ModelDescriptionEnd Fittings
6410-2 carbon dioxide trap - 100 cc 1/8" compression
6410-4 carbon dioxide trap - 100 cc 1/4" compression
8012C mounting clip for 6410 trap  
6425-2 carbon dioxide trap - 250 cc 1/8" compression
6425-4 carbon dioxide trap - 250 cc 1/4" compression
8040C mounting clip for 6425 trap  
C02 Trap Series 6400

Gas traps should be mounted in a vertical position to ensure proper contact of the gas with the adsorbent. Use model 6400C or 8040C mounting clip with 6400 Series carbon dioxide trap.