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Cylinder Heating System


The HB-120 heater is an electrical appliance which supplies supplemental heat to replace the heat of evaporation normally lost when a liquefied gas changes state from liquid to gas inside steel cylinders. Freezing typically occurs with a change of state from liquid to gas is made at a rate faster than the liquid can absorb ambient heat. The use of a heater increases the speed at which the gas may be discharged from the cylinder.

The heater is designed to heat the lower part of the cylinder where freezing usually occurs. For larger flows the use of multiple heaters spaced over the length of the cylinder may be required.

The use of a single HB120 strap is ideal for preventing condensation of low volatility components in gas mixtures to help ensure that the mixture remains homogenous.

An insulating blanket is available to aid in ensuring that the heat is transferred into the cylinder and to aid in holding the heat on the cylinder.

Each heating belt is thermostatically controlled to 130˚F to prevent overheating of the cylinder.

The heater has an adjustable Velcro® strap making it easy to apply band to cylinders with diameters of 8” to 10”.


  • 500 watt heating capacity.
  • Thermostatically controlled to 130°F.
  • Power – 120VAC/60Hz.
  • Dimensions – 27” long x 8” wide.
  • Weight less than 1 pound.

How To Order

Model NumberDescription
HB120A cylinder heater with 4' power cord and 130° F thermostat
HB120-BLK insulating blanket 48" high 36" wide